Minitop is on holiday? Our website is still on…

Finally it’s holiday time for most of us, including Minitop’s team!


During week 33 (12th of August – 16th of August) we will have our summer’s closure, but our website will still be operative.

What could you do during this week?

  1. Check our rubber tracks catalogue on the page “Search your Rubber Tracks
  2. Check our tyres catalogue “Tyres catalogue for Skid Loaders
  3. Fill in our contact form on the section “Contact us” and send us your request of information

One week goes quickly and from the 19th of August we will get back to all your emails.

Thanks to our new and powerful search engine “Search your Rubber Tracks” you’ll be able to find quickly the rubber track size that can be fitted on your machine. You can find all from a 1.2 tons Mini-excavator to the 8 tons maxi-excavator and so on…

On the section “Tyres catalogue for Skid Loaders” you can find the best tyre for your Skid Loaders. You can have a look to all the technical features of Minitop tyres, that describe patterns and their depths, load capacity, advices on terrains, and so on, in order to meet your working requirements.


Summer Holidays,  but if you won’t go?

There’s a good part of our clients that won’t go on leave in August but prefer a less chaotic time of the year to chill out.  Some of them use this month to keep on working taking advantage of the nicer weather conditions.

That’s the reason why Minitop during the last few years has decided to limit the summer closure from 2-3 weeks to the central week of August. We care about our clients and we are willing to offer the most continuos service as possible, in periods that especially in Italy are well known for holidays.

On the 19th of August, after the closure, we’ll be refilled and operative to reply to all your queries and requests for offer.